About Us

Dallon Plásticos: Plastic components, metal inserts, and accessories.

Plastic Components Injection:

Dallon Plásticos operates with over 40 injection molding machines, embodying the latest technology and state-of-the-art automation systems. Our skilled technical team ensures precision and excellence. With over 10,000 m², we boast a production capacity of 10 million battery sets annually.

Metal Injection:

Dallon Plásticos extends its expertise to metal injection, utilizing advanced technologies to deliver products of the utmost quality.

History of the Group


Establishment of the metallurgical sector in Jacarezinho | PR.


Start of the Lead Alloy Refining and Preparation System. Installation of 2 additional 10-ton Rotary Furnaces.


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


Dallon Plásticos initiated its operations in Rolândia | PR, focusing on the plastic injection market for battery components.


Automation of the grinding sector at Dallon Metais and achievement of ISO 9001 certification for Dallon Plásticos, standardizing processes and ensuring product quality.


Acquisition of the recycling process and lead alloys from Lead Metal - company with headquarters in the USA and Mexico.


Dallon Plásticos inaugurated its new factory in Rolândia|PR, expanding it operations with significant investments in equipment, new products, molds, and facilities.


Entry into the lead import and export market.


Inauguration of the new grinding sector at Dallon Metais.


Acquisition of Plajax, becoming the largest supplier of battery components in Brazil and the beginning of a new grinding sector - doubling capacity.


Dallon Metais achieved IATF 16949 certification. Launch of the D8 product line project with technological innovation to enhance Dallon Plásticos’ performance.


Dallon Metais stands out as the main independent metallurgy company focused on lead recycling in South America. Simultaneously, Dallon Plásticos takes the lead in Latin America as the primary manufacturer and supplier of plastic components and metal inserts for the automotive battery sector.