Battery Components

Plastic components for automotive batteries

Dallon Plásticos boasts the most comprehensive product line of plastic and metal inserts for automotive batteries, meticulously crafted to meet both national and international standards, including those set by BCI, JIS, and DIN, as well as the specifications of various automotive manufacturers. Our diverse range includes:

  • Boxes (Monoblocks): Available in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Lids: Choose from Free, Sealed Free with Access, Traditional, and Conventional options.
  • Accessories: Explore handles, plugs, pole protectors, upper lids, stacking supports, fixing supports, shims, and more.
  • Metal Inserts: Mariner terminal, pole terminal, X terminal, L/LHD terminal, JIS/DIN battery poles, and standard battery poles of varying types and dimensions, for automotive, motorcycle, traction, and stationary batteries.

Dallon Plásticos is committed to delivering complete solutions, incorporating innovative features like the “roll over” system that prevents electrolytic solution leakage, precision molds, rigorous dielectric testing, and product customization. Our dedication to quality and safety extends to every aspect of our products and processes.

To serve its customers, Dallon Group offers its own fleet of trucks and trailers, capable of reaching any location in Brazil and South America.

Our Products

Meet our extensive line of plastic components for automotive batteries: