Values and Policies

Dallon Plásticos: Plastic components, metal inserts, and accessories.


  • Sustainability;
  • Simplicity;
  • Owners mindset;
  • Customer commitment.


  • Become a global benchmark in our industry, championing sustainability.


  • Deliver exceptional value to our customers through sustainable, secure, and excellent service.

Integrated Management System Policy

Dallon Group, engaged in the recycling of automotive and industrial batteries, manufacturing of metal inserts, injection-molded plastic components, granulated plastic, and refining of lead and its alloys, is committed to the principle of continuous improvement to:

  • Meet all legal, regulatory, customer, and other applicable requirements of stakeholders.
  • Reduce quality failures, environmental impacts, health hazards, and safety risks.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Strive for high performance in our employees, processes, products, and services.